FreeBSD is a great operating system imo, although I’m still fine tuning my setup and sharpening knives. I notice every time I turn on my computer to work I spend at least 15-20 seconds increasing the brightness before working no matter what. The steps I use to increase the brightness:

loading kernel modules requires privilege escalation (and typing a password)


load the acpi_video driver into the kernel using kldload

kldload acpi_video

Loading the driver every time was cumbersome, and while it seemed like it should be straight forward to load the module at boot, adjusting the brightness took a bit of searching and experimentation. First, I added the following to /boot/loader.conf which will provide the driver during the boot process.


Lastly, there are two knobs for setting the brightness depending on if the computer is plugged in or running on bats. For myself I just set these both to 100 since that seems to be my default (volume 11/10). To adjust these settings, I add the following to /etc/sysctl.conf:

While experimenting with different boot configurations I timed the time it takes to boot on this Thinkpad T480s, and currently it clocks in at around 1 minute. There are some things I could remove from the boot process I think like sendmail which I don’t use but that’s a post for a different day.