Currently I’m running evilwm on top of freebsd 13.0-RELEASE-p8. After installing the port evilwm I added the following to ~/.xinitrc.

[ -f $HOME/.Xdefaults ] && xrdb $HOME/.Xdefaults
xsetroot -solid \#400040 -cursor_name top_left_arrow
/usr/local/bin/evilwm -snap 10

The most important piece is to launch /usr/local/bin/evilwm on startup. -snap 10 enables snap to window when you approach the boarder when resizing or moving a window.

I found the default xterm font to be very small and unreadable so I added to following to ~/.Xdefaults

XTerm*background: black
XTerm*foreground: green
xterm*faceName: Monaco
xterm*faceSize: 13

Another side note is copy and paste work a bit different than other terminals I’ve used. For example, just selecting text inside the terminal will save the contents to a clipboard, and then to paste into a different application, click the middle mouse button. Another handy but related tip is that using evilwm, alt+left (and drag) click will move the window, however alt+middle click will resize the window.